...Months Later!

When I pieced this site together I fully intended to use the blog on a monthly basis to give anyone curious of our art flow the current status of the work we were doing. I've abused the Instagram account with so many work in progress (WIP) shots that I was thinking a blog style update would be more legit and less annoying for the page viewers. If we weren't doing art, then be able to share some other stuff that has pulled us away from the studio desk. In short, I just wanted to have an outlet for myself (Joshua D) or Bethany to talk about whatever we wanted and not feel obligated to post ONLY ART THINGS! When you spend so much time in your head and at the desk, it's nice to have a voice...even if it's to the void they call the INTERNET!

I suppose you're probably wondering what has happened since June of 2016?!? Haha, well I certainly haven't updated this blog on the monthly...but let me fill you in...I've been playing a TON of Dungeons & Dragons! Lol...not what you expected? Well this nerd has been playing since I was a young kid, 11 years old or so. It's a creative outlet that I love and thankfully have a solid group of peeps to game with.

That being said, artistic things weren't really flowing the way I had hoped for the second half of the year. I participated in a few shows with my buddy Alex aka "Playful Gorilla" with his Arsenal of Artists branding as well as joined a show for the grand opening of The Mothership Art Gallery in Philly. Bethany was killing it last year with the photography angle, she's a damn swell photo-ist! I wrapped up the end of the year with a drive to start working on my first resin DIY platform, mainly for myself but if it picks up interest I'd love that too! 

THEN...I quit my day job! Most scary and fulfilling thing I've done in a LOOONNNGGG time. I was sucking the life out of me, despite all efforts to fight back. I'm always a jolly, happy dude that keeps a cool head and smiles through the shitty situations we all deal with daily. But the management there was never satisfied, smiling only happened if they were bad mouthing someone in or out of the office, gaaahhh. SO HAPPY I LEFT!!! 

It allowed me to work out and lose 14 pounds, it allowed me to finish an entire collection of custom art pieces called the Necrotic Skulls...15 total!...aannnddd it allowed me to have some time to get my head on straight, get back to me being me and all around, motivated for this next chapter in my life. Best part is, I found another job...the wife is happy and we're going to get back on track!

...now, where's did I put that mold making kit for noobs at?!?